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 The art are sold with a certificate of ownership and can be printed or resold. Most pictures have a size of 4000 X 3000 pixels 


is located in an area with particularly good climatic conditions. This leads to great biological diversity, with a number of heat-loving plants and animals.


The archipelago around Tjøme, Brøtsø and Hvasser can offer a number of islands and islets with lush vegetation, clear-cut boulders, fine-grained beaches and many sheltered moorings. At the southern tip of Tjøme, it is a short walk to the island’s most famous places, the End of the World and Moutmarka.


In the nature reserve here, in spring and early summer, there is a colorful flower show with whiteweed, blueweed, gold star, edge lily, spring marigold and spring cabbage.

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When you live in Færder, you have infinitely good objects to photograph

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